Abacus360 Banking for Consultants | Recertification  | Upgrade (Native)

Training Description

With Abacus360 Banking, Regnology has developed an innovative, sustainable solution that is ready to meet the upcoming challenges in the areas of regulatory reporting, risk calculation and controlling regulatory KPIs.

Our 2-day upgrade training  offers you the opportunity to gain knowledge on Abacus360 Banking (Native) and acquaint yourself with differences between Abacus360 Banking (Embedded) and Abacus360 Banking (Native), in particular regarding the display of data, modified process sequences and new or enhanced analysis options.

By doing exercises in a live system, you will be able to deepen the learning content.

This training, in combination with an exam to be booked individually, grants you the opportunity to an Abacus360 Banking recertification. Please note the prerequisites listed below, which apply for a recertification.

Training Topics

  • B0: Introduction to Abacus360 Banking
    • Current roadmap Abacus360 Banking
    • Abacus360 Banking GUI structure, enhancements with Abacus360 Banking (Native)
    • Notes on documentation and communication
    • Overview of the data flow from source systems through to submission file production
  • B1: Data models
    • Overview of the Abacus360 Banking data model
    • Data requirements and module relevances
  • B2: Processes and functions
    • Process sequences
    • Consistency error checks
    • Module-specific features
    • Validation and submission file production
  • B3: Realisation
    • Overview of software components Spark and DAAL
    • Spark parameters and monitoring (Spark, DAAL)
  • B4: Customizing
    • Adjustments of parameters
  • B5: Analysis and test
    • Basic analyses
    • Bidirectional adapter
    • Designer toolset
    • Static audit trail
    • Migration testing

Training Audience

This training is aimed at functionally oriented consultants who wish to renew their Abacus360 Banking certificate. Please note the prerequisites listed below, which apply for a recertification.

Trainers and Language

All our trainers are employees of Regnology Germany GmbH. Due to their extensive practical experience and their well-structured training approach they will provide you with the knowledge required for relevant project deployments.

The training can be held in English or German.

  Dates / Registration 

Note: Optional Recertification

As a proof of your Abacus expertise to your business partners, you can obtain a recertification, once you have completed this training.
After successfully passing the recertification exam, you will be obtained a new Abacus360 Banking certificate with a validity of 3 years, beginning on the day of expiry of your previous certificate.

Prerequisites for recertification are:

  • Participation in this training (personal attendance at all content units) 
  • An Abacus360 Banking Certificate which, at the time of participating in the course, has not expired more than 12 months ago
  • If the Abacus360 Banking Certificate is still valid, the remaining validity period may not exceed 6 months at the time of taking the exam
  • Successfully passing a written exam about the contents of this training (personal attendance) no later than 6 months after participating in the training
  • Signing of our Certification Conditions

The fee for participating in the written exam is EUR 120,00 plus VAT.
The recertification exam is to be booked individually under the “Exam dates
” tab.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) or by phone +49.69.24 74 64 084.